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Blacktivate Lesson 007: Only One You. Only One Life. Only One Moment. Show Me YOUR One!

Hey Hey Ya! It’s your guuurrrllll, Chris Omni, the Health Hippie, back once again to activate the health and wellbeing of Black women……Correction, I’m back to activate the health and wellbeing of everyone!

These last several days have taught me a lot about time, patience, mental health, balance, and the act of being gentle. I participated in three research-focused competitions in the last four weeks; I have a competition and a master’s defense on Monday; I have another competition in mid-April. That’s a lot! It was/is very exciting to share my research about the impact of physical activity and Black women’s health. But, this Black woman needs to take a closer look at her own health.

Yesterday, minutes before my competition, I experienced a nosebleed. Ironically, last week, the night before my competition, I experienced a nosebleed. When I was a little girl, I would experience nosebleeds with a minor degree of regularity and it wasn’t much of a big deal. However, to experience two nosebleeds, as a grown ass woman, in less than a week of each other is worth analyzing.

The conclusion that I reached is that my body was communicating a level of stress that my mind wasn’t aware of. It’s such a beautiful thing to listen to the communication of our bodies. Have you ever heard YOUR body whisper or even scream at you? Pay attention! There is a powerful lesson to be learned.

Lessons on Living (LOL)

A nosebleed isn’t something to laugh at, but the lesson learned certainly is. My personal take away was stop moving. Yep! Not just slow down for awhile. I mean totally stop moving and sit. This morning, I sat, for the first time, on my new zafu meditation pillow and watched the sunrise. I paused the world! I focused on one thing and one thing only; to be present with the sun. When I came out of meditation I immediately wanted to write. I wanted to reach out to all seven followers of Blacktivate to say goodbye.

I’m saying goodbye to Blacktivate because I am still able to share my research on Black women’s health through my work with Kujima ( –, but I loooooooooooooooooove writing lessons on living. I did it for several years when I launched Window Seat Wednesday on Facebook and it is time to get back to my origins. With that said, I’m signing off from Blacktivate and signing onto Window Seat Wednesday. I hope to see you there.

High Fives, Hugs, and Hope,

Chris “The Health Hippie” Omni